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Brand Steady Working Zinc Extruder Machine

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Machine name

High Presure zinc Extruder


Apply to tin and copper lead-free solder alloy wire, tin and silver lead-free solder alloy wire, tin &silver and copper lead-free solder alloy wire, tin and zinc lead-free solder alloy wire, lead-free solder bar.
I. Machine Introduction
VT350T extruder applies to the tin with lead solder alloy, lead-free solder alloy and zinc alloy (Zinc percentage no more than 25%) extruding and manufacturing. VT-350T extruder was refer to the German similar machine type and adopted the advantage technology in the world. The main vat adopted plunger pump, this structure can guarantee the centering stability of the extruding. The hydraulic system adopted steady speed system structure to ensure the fluid stability of the metal & the flux.

II. Technical parameter
Item Specification
1\ Forward speed: 3.2 s(260mm journey)
2\ Backward speed: 4.3 s (480mm journey)
3\ Non-extruding time: < 9 s
4\ Extruding time: Depending on material (63-160s)
5\ Main Vat Diameter: 450mm
6\ Billet size Φ 85*200mm or Φ 90*220mm
7\ Oil way pressure: 21MPA (210Kg/cm2)
8\ Working pressure: 350T
9\ Backward pressure: >16T(working pressure 16MPA)
10\ Main Vat Pressure: 3500KN
11\ Main vat max working pressure: 20MPA
12\ Oil pump 1: 25MCY
13\ Oil pump 2: YB1-63
14\ Motor 1: 11KW
15\ Motor 2: 7.5KW
16\ Total power: 18.5KW
17\ Output: 0.8T-2.2T per different material
18\ Machine Weight: 8T

III. Standard configuration
1) Main oil vat: Adopt plunger type cylinder (Germany technology). Vat diameter φ 450 mm, rated working pressure 210kg/cm2(21MPA). Hydraulic system adopts steady speed structure to assure the extruding stability of the metal & flux flow.
2) Inside oil vat: Diameter φ 120 mm, rated working pressure 21MPA. With the advantage of quick oil injecting to shorten the idle running time and enhance the productivity.
3) Hydraulic variable pump one set, hydraulic plunger pump one set
4) Hydraulic valves: 8PCS
5) Speed control valve: Adopt Rexroth technology variable valve control
6) Motor: Adopt top brand China (Dong guan motor), two sets at: 11KW-6 & 5.5KW-4
7) Temperature control: Adopt Japan RKC temperature control system, for extruder head, front crossbeam and flux tank three phases.
8) Flux tank: Adopt stainless steel, oil heating to enable the flux temperature invariableness. With flux status checking window to assure it will be always in best status.
9) Extruder mould head: Adopt heating processed rough model with special heat treatment.
10) Material feeding: Adopt hydraulic photoelectricity double assurance control. Fully automatic control for the feeding process.
11) Electric equipment: Adopt Taiwan brand SHSI, Japan RKC, Schneider brand (Simple switches adopted China CHINT brand)

IV. Spare parts
1) Wire take-up traction stand one set
2) Wire pay-off stand one set
3) Cooling water tank one set
4) Wire take-up tray 4PCS
5) Flux tank one set (Including tie-in, air pressure valve, ball valve, adjust rack)
6) Flux nib one PCS
7) Flux arm one PCS
8) Extruding tungsten die 1PCS
9) Radiation panel 2PCS
10) Nonstandard tools one set
11) Billet casting mould two sets

Our company

Victory Technology Internation Ltd is a foreign Enterprise, which is specialiszed in equipment manufacture &develop for solder powde, solder paste, solder wire, solder bar /stick, silver wire and metal spraying materials, pure zinc, zinc alloy wire ect.
We have been making experience and technologies for electronic solder equipmengt, along with mature solder product producng technologies and formula with more than 20 years history, In 2004, our vivtory has been covering of 33, 000 square meter standard modernized factory building, being the largest electronic solder machine production base.

Our workshop

Our shipment
 type vt-600T 
 main cylinder maximum thrust 600T 
 Voltage 380v 
 main cylinder pressure 24Mpa 
 billet size ¢ 90*200mm
 main cylinder length 500mm 
 forward speed 150mm/s 
 withdraw speed 200mm/s 
 main motor power 11kw 
 general power 30kw 
 machine dimension 5000*1600*1600mm 
 machine weight 7T 
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