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Customized Electrical Heating Melting Furnace for Tin Ingots

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Apply to all kinds of with lead or lead-free solder material melting.
1. Burner adopt BAITE brand from Sweden. Can adopt electric or gas burner per customer's request.
2. Temperature controller adopt Japan RKC brand, electric equipment adopt SHSI brand from Taiwan.
3. Exhaust system (Buyer equipped according to his own plant)

1) Open type tin melting machine adopts Italian Burner fuel heating melting equipment
2) With the advantage of quick heat transfer, high efficiency, low cost, decrease environment pollution, this machine is a good option for non-ferrous metal especially for tin melting. Modern tin industrial manufacturer's requisite equipment
3) Quick melting speed, high yield, high efficiency, small occupation, fewer operator provides advantage to a quick development of the factory
4) If deploy automatic whisk, the ingredient of the melting tin will be even and the temperature will be stable, which will enhance the quality accordingly
5) Compared with refining stove, it can reduce tin wastage by more than 3-5% (per different tin raw material) and reduce processing cost at the same time
6) Adopts fuel heating not coal heating, which can largely improve the working environment and work intensity of the worker and decrease investment in environment protecting equipment
7) Easy operation and durability is another advantage. Brings user considerable benefits if the machine keeps 24 hours continuous running. While stable quality and decreasing cost will create users boundless commercial opportunities and swift and violent development
parameter VT-0.5T VT- 1.0T VT-1.5T VT-2.0T VT-3.0T
Melting capacity 0.5T 1.0T 1.5T 2.0T 3.0T
Whisk motor 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Buring motor 154-308kw 154-308kw 154-308kw 178-391kw 178-391
Electric heating 30kw 55kw 65kw 80kw 100kw
Voltage 380v 380v 380v 380v 380v
Boil Spec 700*300mm 850*430mm 1000*480mm 1100*520mm 1200*520mm
Machine dimension 1300*1800 1450*1800 1500*1800mm 1600*1800mm 1800*1800mm
machine weight 1.6T 1.8T 2.5T 3.0T 4.0T

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