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Quality Single-Head Sliding Welder

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Single-Head Sliding High Frequency Welder:
1. Using vacuum tubes, the output power is stable and reliable.
2. Sensitivity over current protection circuit sparks. Suppress high frequency can be automatically cut off the spark.
3. with high-frequency shielding frequency stabilizer and high frequency devices, high-frequency interference to a minimum.
4. Set manually adjust the mold to facilitate the tryout.
5. Auto-complete fusion process, improve work efficiency.

6. Stepless temperature heating systems, welding and more efficient.
7. Quadrangular horizontal adjustment, transfer mode is simple.
8. Automatic over-current spark protection system, an increase of the vacuum tube life. Protect the mold damage.
9.4kw40.68MHz. 5-12kw27.12MHz international standard industrial band.
10. Germany "CKC"-time, accurate lock to set the time, German high pressure silicone tube.
11. Germany "semikron" pneumatic components, Japanese "OMRON" relay, micro switch
12. Italy Promise thermostat system.
Output Power 5000W 8000W
Input Power 8KVA 12KVA
Power Voltage 220V Or 380v 220V Or 380v
Time change 0-10s 0-10s
Oscillation 27.12MHz 27.12MHz
Rectifier Silicon Diode Silicon Diode
Way of pressure Pneumatic Pneumatic
Oscillation tube 7T85RB 7T69RB
Size of dise 400*600 600*800
Gap ofeletr 250mm 250mm
Size of machine 1000mm*660mm*1730mm 1000mm*720mm*1860mm
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